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Simply put, SPLIT! Is a banana split milkshake.  Oceans of cream are blended with banana notes, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, and a splash of gooey chocolate drizzle.  This flavor is designed to be delicious on any device, with different flavor notes poking through depending on how warm you vape it.

What you’ll taste on a hot build (60 watt+) – Loads of cream and vanilla mixed with a light banana and strawberry on the inhale. A hint of chocolate topped off with whipped cream on the exhale.

What you’ll taste on a less hot build (15 – 35 watts) – A very well balanced banana, strawberry, vanilla milkshake.

Primary Flavours: Cream, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate 

PG / VG Ratio: 30PG / 70VG

Bottle Size: 30ml

Bottle Type: Glass bottle with childproof dropper cap

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