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Alpha Blood


Alpha Blood


FLAVOR PROFILE:  Smooth and bold pear flavor with creamy caramel tones. This flavor is best at a 12mg or less strength.
Lab testing can get... messy, to say the least. We had recently captured a werewolf (don't ask) and it became a lab pet, so to speak. It was actually rather well behaved, until the lab techs forgot to put it in it's 'crate' during a full moon, and well, it kind of destroyed the lab. 

It's a long, and rather unfortunate story. Don't worry, the werewolf only cut itself slightly on one of the broken beakers. The result of that, however, was the creation of a new flavour. The magic in the werewolf's blood somehow made the most delicious flavour, and if you can get past how it came about you might just LOVE it.

It's a peary.. err, VERY pear laden flavour with hints of vanilla deep below, and caramel backgrounds that catch you right where it counts. It has just enough sweetness to make it feel like a treat, but it's very smooth (oddly like the werewolf's fur!) and very enjoyable.

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