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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Meloncholy is a VERY VERY smooth juice that tastes like honey dew melons with bites of fresh and realistic watermelon. It's light and refreshing, but on the sweet side in some setups.
Dear outside world;

I've been locked away in the far reaches of the lab for days... weeks... maybe months. I have no concept of time anymore. The only thing that makes me notice time is passing at all is the rising and setting of the sun, and Mr. Pickles with his full moon cycles.

All of my techs are depressed. All of them have scattered off to their own corners, mumbling things and writing notes, only to toss the notes to the floor around them. It's as if they are trying to bury themselves in their work, but nothing is being produced... no progress is being made.

Mr. Pickles has been very quiet as well, save for the full moon thing... but he sleeps a lot, only to wake once in a while to scratch a flea, growl at one of the other experiments...err... patients, or to tell me he is hungry.

I'm not certain what has come over the lab and it's inhabitants. Not sure what's come over me. I feel as if nothing is worth anything anymore. Our research is suffering for this malaise, but I just can't will myself to try. I can't think. I can't do anything other than sit here and ponder life and what is in store for us all.

I tried to think back to what started this black cloud over our heads down here in the lab, to find a common thread in our routines before this hit. All I can think about is the one day when one of my techs came in saying we don't eat properly, and that she had brought us some fruit.

She opened up a basket and it was full of green melons and watermelon slices. We -all- ate some of it and then...

We all got 'meloncholy', if I may play on words.

Well, I just answered the riddle. Now to find energy to drag myself down to the rest of them and let them know what the source of the problem is, and then to TRY and convince them to stop sulking and work on a cure.

Maybe I'll just sit here a little longer and wait for inspiration.



Very fresh AND refreshing melon flavor! It tastes like honey dew melons mixed with fresh watermelon. It is extremely smooth to vape and is not overpowering in any one note.

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