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FLAVOR PROFILE:  This flavor puzzles some! It is a lighter strawberry, semi-sweet with a smooth creamy nature. It's a tad on the bakery side of things as it has a touch of vanilla cake lurking around that some either taste or do not.
The lab technicians have created a new virus. We are not sure what it does yet so we require some test subjects. So far the virus seems to cause rabid happiness inside of the mouth, leading to strange noises of joy, reminiscent of a squealing pig, as well as uncontrollable urges to say words like 'OMG' and 'YUM' and other such primitive things.

We fear that this will spread if released to the general public, and so we are looking for a small and very controlled group of subjects to test this virus so we can better study the effects.

We have had no negative reactions yet, and if that happens we will deal with it as it comes and if need be, destroy this new experiment forever.

The lab technicians say it smells of creamy strawberries, or possibly even Campino candies... very sweet and creamy? For a virus? Okay lab techs... maybe you ingested some yourself hmm?

YOU be the judge, if you dare. Let us know how this effects you!

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