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Pez Off


FLAVOR PROFILE:  This is Pez candy in a bottle. It's bang on Pez, right down to the sensation of the powdery nature of Pez candy, without it actually vaping like powder ^.^ It's becoming a customer favorite very quickly! It can be a tad harsh at higher watts and does really well in a tank, or in a higher ohm build on an RDA.
Inside the lab strange things happen. I'm sure most of you are aware of our past triumphs and failures *glares at Mr. Pickles*

This time I'm not sure what to call what has happened. On the one hand, it's a triumph, but on the other it's turned my entire team of technicians in to complete and utter... children.

It all started when I thought it would be fun to bring in Pez Dispensers of various characters for everyone to enjoy some candy over the holidays. I gave each technician (and yes, Mr. Pickles got one too) a Pez dispenser and some pez candy to go along with it.

At first they thought I was an idiot. One even threw his in the trash can and mumbled 'yeah... really great Christmas bonus boss'. (Side note: He's fired) Most said thank you with muted tones, hums and haws, and went back to work on a new elixir we are developing to cure Mr. Pickles of his shedding problem.

I went to my office, slightly saddened by the fact that my employees and fellow scientists had become so set in their serious ways that they could not take a moment to enjoy some candy. I mean who doesn't like Pez!?

A few days passed by with not a word spoken to me from anyone.

Finally, one of my techs came in, giggling and looking rather suspicious.

'What?' I asked. VERY scared of the reply...

'Well, we've finished the elixir *teeehee*'

Oh great... tee hees after a statement like that are never good.

'Well that's good, is he cured then?' I asked reluctantly.

'You should come see what has happened *snort*'

I followed my mischievous technician down the stairs from my office and on to the main laboratory floor. I looked around and all I could see where a bunch of technicians snorting some sort of liquid out of little bottles and giggling like a bunch of lunatics. They were also playing with legos, stuffed animals, barbie dolls, doll houses, toy cars, train sets... it was like a day care center for children!

'WHAT IS GOING ON!?' I demanded as I grabbed the collar of the tech that led me down here to this mess. '*gigglefit* We decided to take the pez you brought us and see if it would help with the elixir we were working on. It smelled so good that we had to get closer with our noses just to take in the delicious aroma, and then all of a sudden we were warped back to our childhoods!'


So Mr. Pickles, the great and cranky resident werewolf, is still shedding and all of my world class scientists have regressed to the state of a 3 year old child.

I suppose you can all enjoy the fruit of their 'labor' and zap yourselves back to your childhood while I work on yet ANOTHER elixir BY MYSELF to cure them of this stupidity!

It never ends!

FLAVOR PROFILE: Pez Off is... PEZ. It literally tastes just like a Pez Candy!

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